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Hello, I would like to ask if I light Workspace for 28 dollars where I have code export enabled. At the same time, it is written that this Workspace Core plan does not include: Remove Webflow badge on unhosted sites More info Remove the badge in the bottom right corner of your site that says “Made in Webflow.”

But when I look at code export in the university, it says: On paid Workspace plans, you can export your site’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and assets from inside the Webflow Designer. You can do this to back up your code and provide it to your client if they request it. You can also use the exported code to host it anywhere you’d like – no attribution required.

The sales support wrote to me that: we believe that you can remove the watermark

So now I’m confused, does anyone have experience with this? I need a clear answer, when I buy Workspace Core for 28 dollars, where there is skin code export, I export the code, I upload it to my own site or to the server where I host the site, for example on AWS, do I have to have some source listed or a webflow brand here or not?

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If you have the export code option. that code is yours to do with as you like.
You can host that anywhere, with or without the Made in Webflow logo.
That’s what you’re paying for in the workspace fee.

The “remove webflow badge on unhosted sites” refers only to sites hosted on
In most cases, Webflow wants all “staged” sites to show their brand so that the free hosting is not abused. However agencies who are building client sites don’t necessarily want that brand to appear during demonstrations or when working with clients, so the option to remove this from hosted sites is available on slightly higher plans.

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Thank You :pray: this is solution for me and this answer i need :slight_smile: