Using CMS for landing page style pages rather than blog style pages

Hi there I am currently working on migrating some of our static pages over to CMS collections pages as we are hitting our limit on static pages. The first pages that I am looking at moving are our whitepapers (one has already been completed) and long-form content Control Spend campaign pages, see below for these Control Spend current static page links.

As you can see they are all long form content pages but are not set to one particular template or layout. They all have call out blocks and headers throughout (not set in all the same areas). I am struggling to understand the best way to built out a collection using all of these pages, as a lot of the video tutorials and information on CMS I have seen are based around blog article layouts and I am struggling to transition this into these types of pages.

I’d love to know how others would suggest building this out in the CMS to fit all of these pages (maybe there is something obvious that I am missing…?)

Currently, for the whitepaper (there is only one so far) that I have built out, I have used a collection for whitepapers and then sperate collections for the CTA blocks and call out sections and another to draw the colours from. I have used the rich text element (with a separate static page for styling) for the long form copy and then split this up depending on where the call outs or the CTA block is within the copy. Whitepaper (in CMS) for reference:

But for the Control Spend pages these are using a lot of different elements that are breaking up the copy constantly and I want to ensure that I build them out the best and most scalable way. Maybe someone has some great examples of how others have built more custom pages (non-blog or templated pages) similar to this using the CMS so I can get a better understanding of the structure in the back end and how to bind everything. I am feeling a bit lost with it all and time pressure to get it done so we can continue building more pages :grimacing: I hope that my question makes sense!

Here is my read-only link: Link