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Creating pages out of the CMS with some BUT NOT ALL recurring elements

Hi, I would like to create pages out of the CMS (Collection is “Leistungen/Offerings”) which have similar Items: Title, Subtitle, Customers, Value Proposition, Value Proposition Image, customer icons (multi ref) & team members in this area (multi ref). However, the rest on the site can be very different, for example it could include tables, images, icon images, etc. etc.

I can’t get my head around on how to achieve this the easiest way. Since webflow automatically creates a new page for each new entry in the CMS, it would be nice to edit in there, since this would result in the littlest work.

Here is my public share link:

A collection page template is repeated on all collection items. You can use conditional formatting to display or hide certain elements based on field properties and you can have unique content in a Rich Text field bound to the collection. There are no other options (except custom code).

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@phux my take on this is you can do what you ask if you include those other elements within your existing CMS (images, icon images, etc.) so that they are unique per CMS template page.

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Alright, i went with that option. I really wished that the Rich text editor allows for some more detailed editing :slight_smile: