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Using Cloudflare proxy

Hey there!

I’m using Cloudflare dns for my webflow hosted website.
I’m using the dns-only option.
Is there a way to enable the orange cloud and let traffic go though Cloudflare?

Cloudflare gives lots of caching and performance features to speed up websites

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Any update? I´m interested too in a answer to this question.

I’d also like to know the answer to this - why is there no information about how to use Cloudflare with Webflow effectively?

If you proxy with Webflow, Webflow’s hosting can’t autogenerate the SSL certificate when it needs to renew. A workaround is to host your site using standard HTTP (done in project settings via DNS) and then enable SSL in flexible mode in Cloudflare. Clients connect to SSL via the Cloudflare connection, Cloudflare in turn connects to Webflow with HTTP.

If you are an enterprise customer you have additional options.