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Using with Webflow side-by-side

My buddy built ecommerce and lead gen sites using He showed me some cool stuff it could do, particularly

  • Making a Twitter Clone with user signup, logins, post, follow, like, and comment
  • Native message board where users can signup, login, post
  • E-commerce store where users signup, login, purchase, stripe purchase
  • Blog / CMS user clicks ‘like’ and displays likes by unique users

Are there any tutorials on native webflow+bubble integration? It looks like it has everything I’m looking for doing user signups, login, forums, and user interaction perks.

I want to keep Webflow and WF CMS as front end and use Bubble as backend for things like building a forum.


I’m interested as well about possible integrations

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Sounds like an interesting idea. Any updates?



The current solution they are employing is making = webflow, main site = bubble, forum links to and vice versa.

And using custom code or iframe page/sections between www. / forum. iterations

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yo fam just found this posted in bubble forum:

Web App Built Using Webflow and Bubble

seems interseting, the person who made it is working on releasing videos to explain how to use it but looks cool.

Seems like you can use webflow to design everything literally everything and then use bubble to build your backend actions / user specific stuff.


how does one do a url like any insight appreciated. I thought you could just buy the domain but it get a thing that says unsupported TLD

You need to update your A Record and CName records on hosting side to point to the forum project

It’s considered a sub-domain to your primary domain ( = primary). Any primary domain can have any kind of subdomain you want. But with a subdomain you can point it to a completely different website/server/service using the A Record and CNAME records.

Hey , it’s not been mentioned in this thread but there’s that could facilitate your bubble integration to Webflow.