Webflow for Creating Apps or Suggested CMS


I have had requirements to make some apps, with users having their own pages/secure zone or account pages.

I know that I can use webflow to create the site/app templates, and I also have a Business Catalyst account, and know that I can integrate my templates with BC, and even WordPress.

My question is, have any other users ever created web apps or can suggest the best integrations or workflow for making slightly more advanced web based apps.

I love webflow and the control over design and interaction, and that’s what’s important to me. But having some kind of database interaction will take both my prototyping and client work to the next level.

Any suggestions, advice or links to tutorials or articles on this (that I may have missed) would be pure gold.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe LoginRadius. I think the software starts at $399/mo.

Thanks for the reply Syndicate15. I will check it out, however, I was kind of hoping for something with a little less cost involved. I will definitely check it out though.

I have tried Bubble which is quite good although it lacks the design and interaction capabilities of webflow. But something along those lines that integrates with webflow would be the ideal solution I’m after.

I’ve discovered that withinWordpress you can create multi-sites. This answers my main problem of having one website that allows users to register and create their own account/subsite and have their own users sign up to that. So withing these pages I can create the apps that the user will sign up to use.

Through various plugins and probably some developer support I’ll be able to create the apps for each. Using the wordpress data base I can create simple apps.

So I hope this may help anyone else with the same problem. But then, I guess, as usual, I was the last to know:slight_smile:

Oh, and I have also discovered (i think through this forum) htmltowordpress.io which can take your Webflow HTMLl and convert it to a Wordpress site/child theme. There is a small charge (around $20 for the example I tried) but it looks like it could save many hours doing it manually! The other example I looked at was Ultimatum but this looks like quite a long process - especially if you’re new to Wordpress. But maybe good to help edit the template once in Wordpress.

So, my workflow know looks like Webflow is still firmly the go to design tool! Happy days!

Good luck with that. Let us know how the result goes, I’m curious to find out if it works well.

Hi Samliew,

From the quick test I did, it worked great! Now, I did use a Webflow template that had CMS enabled so the Webflow CMS content didn’t render, but the shell looked the same and the interaction worked!!!

PLUS! when you upload a zip, once it’s done they give you a preview and some access to the WordPress behind it! I’m not affiliated in any way with htmltowordpress.io, but I wish I was. It’s opened up a whole new world. From creating detailed prototypes to client work !

SO, sorry, I’m a bit excited…Create a test site or whatever you’re working on, upload it and then have a look. They only ask for payment when you go to download the theme.

Let me know what you think, I’d be very interested. I am very optimistic to the opportunities this opens up!