Using a grid with different width's and CMS but still responsive, how?

Dear fellow webflowers,

I was wondering how I could fix the following problem. I got a grid with different width’s and I would like to make this responsive. The content is filled automaticly by a CMS. Anybody can help me how to fix this? I watched several video’s but I am not yet able to manage it :confused:

Here is my site :

When asking for help in the forums, please share your projects read-only link.

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Thanks for the great help mister webdev. The website is already live and the url is in the bottom of the post so what’s the benefit of a read only link? Anyways don’t bother answering, since I rather talk about solutions of this problem than rules, regulations and read only links :wink:

Actually Frank, the reason that I asked was to look at the project, in the designer, to help you solve your problem. I hope you find success resolving your issue.