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Css Grid is not responsive on live site

Hi, I have come across a strange behaviour of the CSS grid on items from CMS. Can someone explain what is going wrong and how to fix it? I have no problem to write custom code but why is CSS Grid not responsive?

Here is my site Read-Only: [DEMO LINK][]
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Is solved. Im adding a few informations if someone will face similar situation. For some reason Webflow will set on element default width of predefined Webflow break points

Only way to make element responsive to browser width is to overwrite this value, I will skip all trouble I have tried to figure out how it will actually work. Solution is quite simple.

Create emebed code inside collection (as following CSS rule in embed HTML outside collection doesn’t work) inside set width to 100% for desired element (in my case content wrapper) and add !important to overrule Webflow intial value. Now your content from CMS should be responsive as expected. I do not know if it is bug or not. Hope that someone will find it useful.