Best way to use a grid with CMS (for a blog)?

Hello Webflow Community,

I’d like to build my blog site and I am having a bit of a fight with the cms and responsiveness.

So now my idea is to use a grid to make the cms responsive.

I have two main problems tho.

  1. How do I have the first article in the first grid cell
  2. Can I achieve it that the article preview boxes fill the grid cells? If so, how?

Here is a pic for reference (tablet view):

Thanks a lot for your time and support!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Julian Being
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hi @fredj32 to make your grid working proper way you need to set it right way first.

but feel free to visit Webflow University to learn how to work with this platform. Here is one link just in case you have missed this one about responsive design.

Hi @fredj32 if you do not have further questions to this topic feel free to close your request