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Using a Dynamic Collection Item As Home Page

Is it possible to use a dynamic collection item as a home page, and if so, how? I came across a previous thread on the forum that said it was possible but I haven’t found a way to do so. This would be beneficial when needing to reference multiple collections/fields instead of just nesting tons of collection lists.



You can create a page, add a collection list that is limited to one item. Use whatever fields you want from the collection item add whatever content /elements you need to the page, including in the list. Then assign the page as home.

Thanks @webdev this works great and definitely reduces the number of collection lists needed.

On a side note: using this same tactic, I was able to drop a slider inside of the collection list and make it dynamic by adding 4 image fields to the collection and using a different one on each slide…unless I’m mistaken here, Webflow certainly has the ability to support dynamic sliders without the need for using a different collection list per slide!

@Jhart4595 - Glad I could help. Sounds like you have some new options!