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CMS FAQ with two collection lists & accordion

I’d like to create a FAQ using the webflow CMS, I’ve built an accordion using the technique found on the webflow University.

I’ve linked the accordion to a FAQ questions collection. Then I have another collection list with an index of the questions, and I’ve connected that index collection to the FAQ questions collection using a reference field.

What I’d like to do now is the following, when you click an item in the index collection it opens the relevant FAQ question in the FAQ questions collection, ideally also scrolling to the question.

What I’d also like to do is have some kind of way of doing this programatically so that if I have a url like “www. FAQ?question5” then when you navigate to that URL it would have question 5 open.

Are these things possible? I’m fairly adept in javascript so happy to write some custom code if required.

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