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Hi Webflow

I was over the moon after years of waiting to see Webflow finally adding a members feature on the website, like every other design interface. But I am extremely confused about what the point is. Now I understand that basic use cases like a way to favourite items will probably take years and years for Webflow to add, but let’s take the “User Account” page. It is firstly embarrassing to even show anyone who goes on my website, you can’t add your own custom information, just email and name. I feel like i am missing something here, but is it seriously log in, sign up, and a page to change your email, not even make a profile?

Sorry if this sounds like a rant but it is extremely annoying paying so much money and the company hasn’t even got a phone number yet, although have been promising for years. Just basic features take years to add and i struggle to see where the money i pay actually goes. And now i still ned to pay extra money for member stack just to access features Webflow should have by now.

Any help with the user account page would be amazing though.

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Hi Grant :wave:

I understand your feelings about it.

That said, I think you may have missed a small bit that I’m hoping will help?

In the User Account settings page you can add up to 20 custom fields:

For example… I’ve added a new Zip Code field for the User.

Now you have the option to add that on the User Account Page as a “custom field”:

I’d 100% say that this is less than obvious and it was something I missed the first time through.

I believe Webflow’s communication on this Beta release has been a bit lacking IMHO.

Here’s what I’ve personally understood to be the point of this new Beta Memberships feature so far…

Multi-Tenant User Accounts:

We are given the opportunity to gate static and CMS Collection pages with multi-tenant user accounts (versus the 1 password you provide to all users, previously).

Page Security:

We get the added bonus that since this is native, we have true security since our pages are not simply “hidden”. All other 3rd parties are forced into only the “hiding” of pages approach. Instead, our pages are not served to the web browser unless a user is authenticated.

Webflow Logic Integration:

Native integration into their Make & Zapier replacement (there are already a few features that tie into Webflow Memberships today).

Future Features:

I’m assuming by the way I’ve seen Webflow staff communicate that there is more expansion of this feature to come. But this is where they are at, today.

Don’t be. Webflow needs to see what its customers want.

Hope that was at least somewhat helpful :pray: