Webflow Membership Beta - Log In + Gated Content Access


I’m currently using the Webflow Membership Beta and things have been working well.

Unfortunately, there are 2 things I can’t seem to figure out. Hopefully, there are some quick fixes (or maybe I’m just setting things up incorrectly :sweat_smile:) and I can continue to use Webflow for my project.

  1. My entire site is gated off, so I would like the “User Log-In” page to be the first thing users see when they log in or out. Unfortunately, my site keeps directing people to the “Access Denied” page every time.

  2. My “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons keep directing users to sign up for an account? I would like them to be directed to the “Checkout” page instead. I have tried putting the “Membership Product” into it’s own standalone page and as Product Page but still nothing.

Here’s a Loom walking through my issues: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Here is my site Read-Only link.

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Hey there!

Just a thought, but have you tried using a 301 redirect? Assuming you always want to send people to the login page instead of the access denied page.

Regarding the second issue, I don’t know if there is a way to do that within memberships - I would recommend, if possible, just changing the UI to let users know they will first have to sign up.

This can be done pretty easily in Memberstack, but that’s it’s own conversation! :smiley:

I think another way around the first issue is to make a landing page with a sign-up/log-in block and set that as your homepage.

How do you get the new user to pay for the content? Send them that way after they have Signed Up? This seems like a lot of steps.
Why isn’t it possible to have people pay for a tier when they sign up?


Yea it’s silly. There have a been a ton of complaints to the Webflow folks about this some I’m hoping :crossed_fingers: they fix this failure of a flow.