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Use of <figcaption> with tag <figure>

In Element Settings we can select the tag, but how can we then add the ? This is different to Alt Text.

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I don’t think you can at the moment. however you’ll find both tags within the Rich Text element. So I guess for maximum accessibility of texts, favor the Rich Text element.

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Just been reading your post from 2016 for Webflow… where you say the same thing!

Could it make sense to have each section of a page as an RTE? It might be a quicker way of producing content. Does the RTE appear in the HTML / CSS as section?

I guess having the same info in different places is ok, as I’m putting it on my new site - which given that I know nothing is very funny.

It’ll keep me busy during lockdown!

Right… you can set the RTE to any TAG you like… I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before!!

Learning = Keep Learning!

Ah… I remember now… You can’t style Paragraphs differently, and there’s no span. So when I want to show code in a different font and colour, I can’t.

What’s the way around this?

You can add Embed Code elements within a RT, that’s a feature from a few months ago. From there, sky’s the limit, isn’t is?

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