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Figure and figcaption

i’m a starter in webflow and coding. now i will do any things in webflow with html5 but when i use a div, i can tag with “figure” and in this container i will integrate a image with “figcaption”. i’cant do it like here: I didn’t find the tag “figcaption”. Can anybody help me?

Greetings Sylvio

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Hi Sylvio.

You can add the tag <figure> to any element as you’ve found. However, ebflow doesn’t allow for tagging elements with <figcaption>.

The article mentions it like this:

The HTML5 spec also includes several other tags with more precise uses. With the exception of , which Webflow automatically adds to image captions, these aren’t yet available in Webflow.

But I omitted to specify “Inside a Rich Text element”. In a RT element, for any image you’ll add using the “+” icon in front of a new line, you’ll be proposed to add a caption. If you do so, it will get the <figcaption> element.

It’s not a big deal that you can tag any caption with it, outside RTs. Simply make a .caption class and style it as you want. If you want your site to be as accessible as you can, what you must do is to write good ALT for each image of your site. That’s way more important than anything else.

I could not stress that aspect enough: take the time to write all the ALTs and write it good, it is extremely important.

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Hi Vincent, thanks a lot for the information!

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