Style HTML Embed in RTE?

Anybody know how I can style the HTML Embed field in the rich text editor? For all other elements you add the class of the rich text element and then it will nest the RTE’s class under it and you can then style it any way you like.

For some strange reason this doesn’t work with the HTML embed though. If you click on the plus nothing happens and you can’t type anything in. It still shows the instructions right under it though and it works fine for literally all other elements?

Is it a bug? Is it not possible and it just shows the instructions there even though it shouldn’t?

For all other elements I can nest it with the class of the RTE like so:

ps: I am not posting a read-only link to my website as this is a general question not related at all to the website I am building.

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Please let me know if you found a solution!

If you add html elements in custom code you can add classes that exist already in the designer so those elements will inherit the styles. Alternately you can add style blocks and CSS to style them. Those are the available options.