How can I re-design style of <figcaption>?

How can I re-design style of <figcaption> ?

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I’m guessing you are trying to style an element of the Rich Text block while it is placed inside a Dynamic list, or linked to a Collection in a Template. Which isn’t possible.

So to style the figcaption, drag a RT element in the page but don’t link it to collection. Give it the same classname than the one you want to style originally, add an image and a caption, deselect and click on the caption element to style it. Unfold the class name field, select “All figcaptions” and then click on the class name to limit the effects.

Style the figcaption.


yes, It works !

thanks !

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Hi @jasonshow, quick tip, if you mark the post which has the solution, it will help others to find that quickly and let others know that it worked :slight_smile:

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