Change position on collection fields

Is there any way to change position on different collection fields on different items?
My client would like to change position on images, rich text etc when they upload new blog post and new projects.

Maybe a drag funktion in the editor mode, similar to WordPress?

The basic layout of your Collection Page is controlled exclusively in the designer, so your client can’t change that.

The main thing you can do is learn to use the rich text area as fully as possible. It lets you place and position elements like images and videos inside of it. Teach your client how, and maybe even consider extending its capabilities with Refokus rich text enhancer.

If you’re comfortable scripting, you can also create some simple variant layouts, that the client can choose from using a dropdown or toggle, for each article.

I’m talking pretty basic stuff like;

  • Sidebar to the left v. Sidebar to the right
  • What sections to show on the page
  • The hero area style variation you want