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Use Buttons to choose a specific gallery

Hey guys,
I am fairly new to webflow but I really love it. My aim is to build a really simple and decent portfolio site for me as a freelancer. While exploring youtube tutorials and many features of webflow, I couldn’t create following:

You have under the hero section a divblock with 4-5 buttons. 2021, 2020 and so on. Each year has its own CSS database. I would like to showcase each year as its own gallery.

I partially made it to work for one gallery to pop on and off but the rest works really slow and unresponsive.

Do you have an idea to make it work?
Best regards,

Here is my public share link: Webflow - David's Radical Site
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hi @David_divn and welcome to forum. You can look into CMS filtering solutions by using search input field on this forum before you place a new request as this forum is great source of solutions.

If you have no JS experience to create your own filter you can look in to F’in sweet filter first.

Hope that helps :wink: