Filtering content shown below category title with slider-like interactions


I have this idea of a way to show specific projects in the project gallery inside my portfolio depending on the chosen category but I can’t seem to find a way to pratically implement it.

I was thinking of having a central text with slider-like arrows on both sides that changes the text in the center for the desired category but at the same time depending on the chosen category the content that appears below after scrolling down changes, like a filter.

I thought about making a giant slider covering the whole page and putting the sections inside it, but this is so weird that I don’t know if it would actually work as intended and if I would be able to customize the position and design of the arrows later.

Another idea was using the method shown in this webflow tutorial for making a horizontal Scrool (Advanced interactions: Horizontal scroll in Webflow - YouTube) to position the projects and texts beside each other leaving the screen and somehow with interactions make clicking the arrows trigger a motion for it to change what’s shown. But while thinking about it I realized this would probably cause a headache later on when adding news categories and projects as my portfolio expands.

Does anyone know how I could build something like this or if some of my ideas could actually be realistically implemented?

Huge thanks in advance.

Here is the read-only link to the current state of my portfolio’s gallery in case it helps to better understand what I was thinking: Webflow - Caio's Portfolio