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Send content to Webflow Webhook

I have no idea how to use API’s and/or Webhooks.

I just purchased StoryChief from AppSumo though. Mainly because the content editor has a very nice SEO suggestion box as you type.

One of the selling features is the “one-click” publishing to your CMS… Well, they’re all hot for Wordpress.
They have other direct CMS integrations, but if they don’t have an official one, you can set up a webhook on your CMS (Webflow) and then it will post it whenever there’s an update.

So, with that said… Anyone done something like this before?
Like, where the frig do I start? I went to and got stuck when it said “curl”… head exploded.


I can’t find much documentation on StoryChief, this was the best I’ve come across.

From what I can make out, unless they support a Webflow integration by default, you’re only option is to post your content to a custom Webhook.

Translated into Webflow terms, that means you will need to set up some sort of HTTP endpoint to accept the post from StoryChief and then create it in Webflow using the Webflow API.

So IMO, get a developer or find another way.

Hope that helps.

The method you mentioned is what I would need to do. No idea about that.

All is good though, I’ve been told by the folks at story chief they are currently working on a built in webflow integration! Hooray!

Hi @Bradpaulp I’m delighted to inform you that StoryChief released a native integration with Webflow.

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