URL structure problem - 2 CMS collections with same URL structure

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is a workaround to make 2 different CMS collections the same URL structure. So:

example.com/blog/cms-collection-item1 (is CMS collection 1)
example.com/blog/cms-collection-item2 (is CMS collection 2)

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 12.10.58

Nope. Once a slug has been assigned to one collection it is no longer available.

Thanks for the reply @webdev! Do you maybe have a suggestion what to do in this situation?

The two CMS collections are different type of programs with a total different design, but they both are programs. So sitemap-wise they need to be as:
www.example.com/program/1 (CMS collection 1)
www.example.com/program/2 (CMS collection 2)

Is the only way then to make them in the same CMS collection? Because if thats the only solution, I will not have enough cms fields left… :pensive:

As I said, once a collection slug is used you can’t use it concurrently on another collection. There is no workaround other than choosing a unique slug for the other collection. Why not just use /program1 and /program2 for your slugs? Then each can have unique items and are different templates. You could add a redirect from /program/1 to /program1 for example.