Proper URL structure / folder-name = collection-list name


I have a collection List called “Portfolio”, an Item in it can either be a Project or a Publication.
I want want the Page Structure to look like this: → Some info + you can choose Projects or Publications → List with all the Projects → List with all the Publications → A particular Project (or publication)

Now am I correct that this is completely impossible in Webflow?
Or is there any workaround by now?

My second best approach was to throw out the information what kind of portfolio item it is in the URL and go straight for

But it turns out I cannot even have a folder called “Portfolio” since my collection List is called just that already.

So basically all I can do is have two pages called and
and even though they are both part of the Portfolio, its not mentioned anywhere in the url ever.
Or I do some weird stuff like and once you click something it suddenly becomes

How are you supposed to build a well structured Website like this?
The breadcrumbs and the URL are completely different, it feels confusing and stupid

How do you guys deal with this? It seems to be such a basic thing…
Or am I just fundamentally stupid right now and completely missing the obvious?

Thanks for any help or tips

Webflow’s path rules are quite strict regarding collection pages, so there’s no built in way to do this yet. If it’s a personal project, and you don’t mind some hacky redirects and scripting, you can achieve it, but definitely not something I’d advise for a production site;