Uploading a Google Font as a Custom Font (GDPR)

Apparently using Google fonts breaks some GDPR rules. If I download the required font from Google, then upload it as a custom font, would that get around the issue?

Or since it will be going to webflow instead (we have a hosted site), do they fall foul of the same issues as Google Fonts so I have just shifted the issue elswhere ?

Any updates here? I am looking for the same answer

technically, since the origin servers are still in america the issue is exactly the same, you just move the issue from Google servers to american aws servers

So how does anyone use webflow with anything other than a standard webfont (arial etc) and be GDPR compliant?

Theoretically the issue is not only on fonts, but even on every image/script/css and form since they are served from global CDNs, but if you want to give only the issue to Google fonts you can always download them and upload those as custom fonts

Here is the Video where they explain how to fix it: