Google Fonts vs GDPR vs 2MB upload custom font size limitation

Hi all,

Newbie here, but am loving the Webflow community already.

I do have a question I am hoping that someone can help me with.

We are setting up a Webflow website for our client here in Taiwan, but they also need to be GDPR compliant, since they do have many clients in Europe. So, to my understanding, we cannot just “link” Google fonts to our site, since this will violate GDPR as we understand it.

But, when we try to host it, ie uploading the fonts to Webflow, we get an error saying that the image is larger than 2MB. After digging around, it seems that Webflow has a limit of 2MB for uploads? It also seems that a paid plan doesn’t increase this limit? If so, does that mean we should abdanon using Webflow for this project since their fonts are in English and Traditional Chinese, which is very very large…

Thanks for your help in advance!

You just have to place the fonts on a server that’s in Europe and that doesn’t track the visitors based on their usage.

Hi Vincent! Thanks for replying!

I was just trying to upload the fonts to Webflow, and wasn’t able to. But I just realized that I was uploading TTF files!!! I found a place to download Google fonts in WOFF format, and all is well now. But thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

We will be hosting via Webflow… And I assume that it will be GPDR compliant?