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Anybody knows how to upload exported code from webflow to godaddy?

Does anyone have tried to upload exported code from webflow to Godaddy hosting account ? or any other hosting company ?

This article from GoDaddy should help you out :smile:

But just curious, is there a specific reason why you need to host with GoDaddy? You could always point your domain name(s) to webflow. Webflow offers hosting and CDN services as part of any of the paid subscription plans.

Also, when you make a change in your project using the Webflow tool, you can publish it immediately to your live site. :smile:

Here is an articles on hosting with Webflow:

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Hi, @PixelGeek It’s for my friend and he has hosting account with Godaddy already so i’m trying to figure out how am i able to upload the code to his Godaddy hosting accout cuz i’ve never done this before :smiley:

in that case. here are your two routes:

  1. maybe convince your friend to use the Webflow hosting cause its the easiest way :wink:

  2. export the ZIP file that you download from Webflow into your desktop. Then upload all those files as is, into your GoDaddy FTP. :slight_smile:

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Not sure why “your friend” can’t do this but godaddy is simple.

He no doubt has ftp access, but lets assume he doesn’t. You need to log into his godaddy account, click manage web hosting, which will open up a page with a bunch of icons in it. One is labeled ‘File Manager’, click it. It opens the file manager just like the windows file manager but at the root of his hosting online. Now if you are going to use a sub domain in his hosting plan, create a new file, name it the website url, (, open the folder and upload all of your files. If you are going in as the root domain, upload everything to the root directory. Make sure your friend also sets up email with your domain, it came with his hosting package

You still need to change the cname and stuff like that depending on whether it is the root domain, or sub-domain. The easiest way for you to accomplish this through him, if you registered the domain with godaddy, is to make him call godaddy for access, hand the phone to you and you explain what your doing, they will take care of you and set it all up. He can call them and they will walk you through all of this, but access has to happen through him.

I have a godaddy hosting package and host a bunch of sites. One thing godaddy is good at is support, especially in the middle of the night.

Before you upload anything, make sure that you review the html in a text editor or an html editor and ensure that you links and root are pointed in the correct directions to css, images etc… I export webflow stuff, and 9 out of 10 times have no issues


Hey Jagsweb!!
Quick question for ya. You said you’ve been able to do this 9 or if 10 times easy. Did the site look and respond exactly the same as it had in webflow? I’m trying to Export my webflow site to godaddy and having difficulties. The only reason I’m doing it is for the WordPress blog app included and the cheaper hosting. I would so appreciate your help! ! If you have any tutorials that would help please send me the link.

Thanks So so much in advance! !

Kelsi Harris


What kind of issues are you having? I’m going to use GoDaddy as well. Are their issues using Webflow’s exported code?


Exporting the code works great, but the problem I’m having is uploading it to my godaddy server. I’m a graphic designer and that’s my main area so the whole html, code thing is new to me. I’m learning everything from tutorials and my own trial and error. Right now I’m trying to understand how the FTP works, and where I can even upload the site folder. I’ve tried some things, but so far it has not worked correctly.

No prob I would suggest just using file zilla and uploading through FTP

step one: open filezilla and log into your godaddy account / products/ manage hosting

step two on the dashboard you should see your ip address and just about that you will see the name of your hosting account ( you’ll need that and the password)

now in filezilla insert your hosting ip address , login, and password and for the port I use 22 ( 21 acts up for me sometimes )

step three. Drop the files inside the webflow folder into the file that says " Public html"

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