Upload mutliple entries from JSON or CSV (CMS)

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Is there a way to upload multiple entries into a collection ? (From a JSON or CSV file for exemple)
I have 5055 objects in my collection I would hence really appreciate it if I could upload them automatically…

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Not at the moment. Although I think it’s a legitimate concern… we all feel this way and even well under 5k objects :slight_smile:

Allow me to classify your post under Whishlist…

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Agreed. In my recent support request, Webflow confirmed that this is on the road map, although with no firm ETA.

As it stands it takes webflow out of the running for true data driven strategies.

Although not ideal, the only current option is to design the basic site structure in Webflow, export it elsewhere and add the data elements separately.

Would be great to be able to both upload data, and commit user inputs to collections

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I am happily using Webflow to build a new website for a client who runs a WordPress site with over 300 unique pieces of content (each piece of content is a story with embedded media, links, author info, titles, subtitles, cover images, and more). I am trying to persuade him to host his CMS using Webflow instead of WordPress, but the major blocker is that he does not want to manually post 300 pieces of content in the CMS because it is time inefficienct. There are other minor blockers, but those are manageable pitfalls that I predict Webflow will resolve in the next 6 months.

My client wants to convert my Webflow work to a new WordPress site instead. I am worried the conversion will ruin the website and also make my job more demanding. Webflow has a much cleaner content hosting experience - I personally would launch a site on Webflow’s paid plan in a heartbeat. That being said, I want him to host on Webflow because it will be better for his business and easier for me, but there is a high barrier to entry when it comes to moving a lot of content to a new CMS.

He would be a paying Webflow Professional Plan customer for at least 8 months if I can make this work, just to put things in perspective of what income Webflow might be missing out on from having this barrier to entry. I imagine massive businesses hosting WordPress content sites would move to Webflow with ease if you were to build some sort of JSON or CSV based content upload system. It’s a similar concept to when a cell service provider pays the cancellation fees of the competitor in order to obtain a loyal customer.

I am about ready to pay someone in India $2 an hour to manually move all my client’s content. Is there any other way?


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