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Upload 4k JPEGs Hit The Size Limit

Hello Webflow Team,

I’m considering moving my website from another platform to Webflow, but there is a problem. All of my original images have 4k resolution (4096 x 2734 for example). The file size is between 4MB to 10MB. The format is JPEG, usually having the quality set to close to 100. When I serve the images, I use an image compressor, to serve smaller size images. Having the original images at high quality is a best practice recommended all image compressors, because compressing an already heavily compressed, lower quality image:

  • introduces artefacts, so the perceived quality of the served image is lower
  • is higher in size compared to compressing an image with higher quality, also due to artefacts

My question is: Why isn’t Webflow following the industry standards when serving images and limits the file size for the original file to 4MB? (Last year, 4MB might have been ok, but this year is when 8k TVs become mainstream, are you considering increasing the file size limit to 10MB?)

Is there a way to overcome this artificially introduced technical limitation, without having to lower the quality of my original images, so that I can successfully move my website to Webflow?


What optimization app are you using? A K4 jpeg is quite a small image. Once compressed from a JPEG 100, it weights… quite nothing. And differences are from no noticeable to a slight tone variation in some areas.

Here’s a JPEG 100. It’s 5231 x 3427 px. It weights 10,8 Mo once exported from lightroom.

Here’s the same JPEG optimized with Optimage. 2,7mo, a bit of moiré but the original image has moiré, just a different one

Photoshop will produce you a good image between 2 and 4mo with outstanding results.

JPEG100 images aren’t meant to be use as is on the net. Site like Flickr accept it but there are very rare cases where they will show it back to you in the original state (1 only case).

4K JPEG70 inPS already produces an image that’s under 4 mo with no noticeable artefacts.