Does Core plan enables us to add more than two pages?

I had purchased a starter plan for a CMS Site and now I need to add more than two pages in the site and planning to upgrade to Core plan for the benefit of code exporting as well. So, my concern is whether I would be able to create more new pages in the Core plan itself. If anyone could help me with the issue, it would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

The starter plan is the default free plan for both workspace plans and site plans.

The only time you’ll face the two static page limit on site building is when you have both a starter workspace and a starter site plan ( i.e. you’re paying nothing, and just exploring Webflow’s features ).

if you want to be able to export your sites, you do not need a site plan, but you do need a paid workspace plan of some sort. Any of them will do. IIRC, Core is $19/mo, while Freelancer is $16/mo so you might check Freelancer for this.

Thanks for you response. But, my query is whether the workspace plans will let me create pages without a limit or should I opt site plan for that?

So, to sum it up, should I buy a workspace plan for code export and a site plan for unlimited page creation (upto100)?

That’s what I answered for you;

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a workspace plan or a site plan. Depends on your long-term needs. Either will work for you. And, as I said, Freelancer is cheaper than Core.

Got it. Thank you for clearing the doubts