Updating Live Item Collection with Multi-Reference using Zapier

Hey @ChrisNC were you able to get this figured out? I know you mentioned you watched the videos but this one specifically seemed to show the integration with Zapier so maybe that one could help? Pixelgeek and Aron Korenbilt - https://youtu.be/cYvnUI4UcHs

Thanks @johnematias
That was yet another solid video on this topic.
Unfortunately, my zap seems to be set up exactly how they instructed but it’s still giving me the Validation 400 error. I’ve tried several different variations to see if I had any spacing off of the body, but no luck. Appreciate the video share though.

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I’m going through the same issue, FYI.

Have created new Collection fields, new Collections entirely and new Zaps. Nothing has worked.

About to test out the integromat option. Will let you know how it works.

Edit: Didn’t need to test integromat. I watched the video @johnematias recommended and it worked. My issue was that I was not referencing the CMS ID of the rollup items, I was referencing the CMS name. I changed to referencing the ID and it worked.

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After many many different attempts, I got this working today! I think my issues were all related to random errors on my end (webflow, airtable and zapier were all set up properly).

  • I think I was initially using a deleted CMS Item ID (I accidentally deleted several items in webflow, but not in airtable)
  • I had also created a duplicate Multi-Reference Field with a similar name (“requested” and “request”). Additionally, at some point, either myself or Zapier duplicated “request” as “request-2”.

My solution

  • Created a new multi-reference field labeled “new”, as it appeared the name “request” was causing problems.
  • Ensured I had active item ID’s to pull through

So pretty simple solutions in my situation. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the video tutorials. They are definitely very clear and helpful.

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Glad you got this working @ChrisNC! Congrats!

Hi all,

What is the format Webflow expects for multi-image fields?

Could you share the successful output from your zap step?

Instead of using a zap step to get the output, I will write an Airtable formula and post it here if it works.

@ChrisNC @vanpaio

P.S. This link is not working for me:

Oh sorry, I expired the link because it had my token and ids :slight_smile: here is a new one:

Thanks for taking the time to share the solution you found

Kodi nox

@vanpaio Thanks Ian! At first glance, I’d say replicating this in Airtable is probably not worth the effort.

But perhaps you could also share the output you get when you run the 7th and final step of your zap?

I’m looking for the exact format that Webflow requires to parse images into their multi-image fields.

7th Step (note the quotation marks intentioanally missing at the beginning and end):


Last Step:

Data Pass-Through?
"fields": {
"pints": [
Basic Auth
Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps this was an old response, I must have changed something in the CMS (reference to missing item or something) because now I got an error back.

yeay, thank you man! this is what im looking for

I’ve since started using Integromat and I think it’s a much better tool for this kind of operation.
@johnematias your trick to remove the comma is very clever! Have you tried Integromat’s JSON (Transform to JSON)? It might be able to simplify and properly quoted and concatenated and get rid of the formula.

Hey, not sure if you’re still looking for a solution here, but we actually just launched support for multi-reference fields in Whalesync.

You basically just hook up a linked record field in Airtable to a multi-reference field in Webflow and you’re done.

Anyway, if you think that might help lmk :slight_smile: matthew@whalesync.com

Hello I am currently dealing with this same issue. Question? How did you figure that u were using a “using a deleted CMS Item ID” “duplicate Multi-Reference Field” did u use a software to run this test? Your answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.