Any tutorials for a different way to update multi-reference fields without PATCH and Zapier?

Hi there,

I’ve been following all the different tutorials online from @PixelGeek @MackenzieChild and Connor Finlayson to update a multi-reference field using the PATCH method on Zapier.

For whatever reason I’ve been getting a validation error for weeks now. I finally figured out that for some reason Webflow didn’t like my multi-reference field name and I created a new one in webflow, updated the fields in my JSON, and it worked!

I thought that would be the end of it but now the Zap will simply randomly not work half the times. I want to know if there is a different approach I can try. Perhaps something using Airtable Scripts or Make?

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey! What kind of updates are you trying to make to multi-reference fields?

One option is to use our (Whalesync) Airtable → Webflow sync. We handle multi-reference fields out of the box.

Essentially, you just map multi-reference fields like any other field and we handle all the complexity.

Appreciate that @whalesync but I’m looking to do this via Airtable scripts or another suggestion than a paid product :slight_smile:

Understood! If I come across any ways to do it without a service, will mention here. It’s certainly possible, just a matter of finding a solution that is easy/reliable.

Still looking for a solution on this. I’m currently getting an error: ValidationError: Validation Failure (HTTP Status Code: 400)

This is the JSON I have setup:

"reviewees":[{{188846960__TF -> TM 3as Webflow Item ID Formatted (from Trust Fall Results)}}]}

I saw you might have a solution @Drew_Schafer from this post?

Same issue. Followed all of the forementioned tutorials with no luck and plenty of Validation errors. I also tried to consider the change within the Webflow that requires the slug and the name to be within the data fields - But still no luck. If anyone has had recent luck (in the last 5 months since I believe this change in the documentation came about), updating multireference fields would be a godsend right now.

Today I just made a new CMS item and updated everything into Zapier and it worked!

A 400 error comes from Webflow’s end so I was reading how sometimes they set their internal names of thier fields and if you make changes it doesn’t update in Webflow. So just making a new CMS item would create a fresh start.

Just a heads up for anyone who runs into this issue Webflow Support just helpped me figure it out. Whenever you change your field name, it updates on the back end with a different slug name. The slug name is what you need in order to properly connect to a multi-reference field through Zaps.

Here’s how to figure out your slug name: