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Update live items- Memberspace > Zapier > Webflow > form > Zapier > Webflow

Hey there folks!
I Hope you are all doing fine :slight_smile:

I’m having some hard times figuring out how to solve my problems so I though that maybe some good souls here could have some tips for me.
Here is the situation:

I created a website and I integrated memberspace.
Once the user signs in or logs in, he/she fills in an onboarding form with some additional info. Once that is done, he/she should go to his/her own dashboard that should have a message like "welcome, [user], then show a bunch of informations.

I created a first zap that creates a new item in my cms once the user signs in with memberspace (so that the cms will store in an new collection item the name and email of the user that signed in).

But then I need to update that same item with the users’ additional info that I collected with the onboarding form, and I am struggling with it. Maybe it is super easy and I’m simply missing something but it is driving me crazy (plus, I have a deadline).

I’d live a little help, thank you all in advance!

Lorenzo :it: :pizza: