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Sending & Displaying submission via zapier

hey there folks!

I have a question about something I cant figure out myself and I’m hoping you guys can help.

Here is the context: I created this website for a client with wf, memberstack and zapier; when a user logs in he/she can check the dashboard and start a new survey that I embedded from jotform (the client already had it there). Once that form is submitted i have a zap running in the background that search for that user in my cms and updates the fields “results from the form” and displays them dynamically on their dashboard.

Now: what if the user submits multiple forms? I want them to see more than one form results he submitted, but the zap is tied to one field, so whenever the user submits a new form, that submission is gonna overwrite the previous one, while I want to show in a different row.
I can’t wrap my head around this, maybe I’m not seeing something.

I hope I made myself clear - Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

Lorenzo :it: