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Old images still showing even if not used in Site and Styles Cleaned

I have an issue with several of my mock up images on the hope page as well as colors. which is slowing down my website.

I ran it through google and I’m getting the same results.

Could use a bit of help figuring this one out. I’ve checked to see if these files live anywhere in my build but so far no luck. Thanks

Hi @David_Moore, this is a bug we have in the tracker, we are still investigating. My guess is that since the size of the images was so large to begin with, something broke. It could also be the class names, we are still investigating. It seems you are using periods and hyphens for the image classes that are in css, but no longer exist. There might be something with that, that has caused an issue… I am still checking on that. As soon as there is info, I will advise :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave :slight_smile: