Unsure why variables are inaccessible in Interactions

Hey Webflow Community/Devs,

I’m sure many people, including myself, love the new Webflow update. Best one in a while.

However, I am confused about why the variables such as color are inaccessible from the interactions tab. Seems like it could have been an oversite during this massive overhaul.

It’s particularly tedious to exit the interactions tab, open up the variables page, copy the HEX number, and return to the interactions tab anytime I want to create interactions with color changes.

Has anyone else experienced this? Go ahead and leave a reply below if you have also experienced this issue, and hopefully, this will bring it to the attention of the Webflow dev team who will address it in the next patch.

Thanks guys!


I was going to ask this same question. It’s extremely annoying especially having to update those values if your variable changes.

Many things are wrong with this update but that one is huge.

Plus the Variables page should not be full screen. Why are there no tabs in the variables page? I understand how folders work with ‘/’ but it would be nice to not have them all jumbled but could just click on the size tab to see all size variables or the color tab etc,.

Edit* - We should be able to close the variable folders we create.

I love the power of variables and spline integration but so many things from a uxui perspective has been overlooked or not even tested.

Yes @Nick_Hal, I’m having this problem too. Super irritating.

I am also facing a similar problem and am very troubled by it.
I can select the Variable created with the ‘interactions>Global variables>Set variable value’ property, but is this irrelevant?

I’m speechless. Maybe it’s related to the scope, but please, Webflow, we need this!

Yes, I’ve just noticed this. I wanted to use a text colour change during an interaction, but I am unable to select the colour variable I need. Strange, considering that you used to be able to select swatches.

Same issue here. In the interactions, I am unable to select all variables; they either do not appear or are incomplete.

I’m also really disappointed to find that it’s no longer possible to select variables (swatches) to set colors in interactions. This feels like a huge oversight and a huge problem. My site relies on a few variables to set the color scheme across the board, and I’m no longer able to do this and instead have to update every interaction’s color values manually. Extremely disappointing considering this used to work flawlessly.

@matthewpmunger confirmed that the Webflow team are aware and working on it.

Just here to say I’m having similar issues and really hoping Webflow fixes this asap

Same issue here, it’s super annoying

I’m having the same issue in May 2024…