Saved Swatches & Recent Colors Gone?

Sooooo just wondering if I am the only one who is now having to paste hex codes into every element’s properties because a big brain thought we could do away with the saved swatches in the color picker?

All of my swatches were converted into Variables. If you’re not seeing them added there then it sounds like a bug and I’d recommend you reach out to Webflow Support so they can take a closer look into the issue.

Ok so my color variables in the same project are present, so this indicates that there is a bug?

So you’re saying that in your Styles panel you’re seeing normal HEX codes instead of purple fields with your saved Variables (previously Swatches)?

This is what I see without any changes in a project — “Golden Smog” and “Slate” were both Swatches assigned to the background color and border color respectively:

This was the color picker for the Typography panel, which now I realize has a very tiny purple ‘variable’ button when I hover so now I have found my variables!! Thank you!