New variables, UX a bit off?

I’ve been playing about with the new variables and they do seem like they’ll be quite useful. However I’d say that changing what variables are could end up a bit cumbersome.

For example, at the moment I have a few colour variables set and have been applying them across multiple elements. Say for example there’s a design change and the brightness has to go up slightly for each colour. There’s no way to change Royal Blue to a slightly different hex code without going into the variables menu and changing it there. This means that you can’t visually see the change as you scrub through the colour wheel to the colour you want. Admittedly this may be a bit minor if you’re designing on Figma and can check colours there, but once I’m into the dev process I usually find myself making these kinds of changes directly in Webflow.

Am I missing something or is this expected behaviour?

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Also I’ve discovered a bit of a problem with variables. How could the value be overridden by a more specific selector (text colour) if it only has one class?

edit I believe this is due to a combo class with the same name on another element, but still unsure