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Unique URL form application

Hello! I’m in the process of building a recruiting website where there will be a simple form at the bottom of each page to “apply now”, which will just be to collect a name/email lead. The part I’m trying to figure out is how to create multiple versions of this site with unique URLs that are tied to the recruiters, so that when a potential recruit submits a form, the proper recruiter is credited with the lead. For example it would be amazing if there was a way to give out a link to the site, like, so if John sends out that link, he gets credit for the sign-up. Is it possible to create unique slugs like that based off of the same page?

Or one other thought would be to see if there’s a way to create a different sharable link for each recruiter that they could pass out to whoever they wanted to that would automatically fill in a section of the form with their unique recruiter info (like name or badge number)?

Thanks for the help!