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FORMS - Separate forms for each client

Hi I have posted a similar question before but still not found a solution.

I am building a simple job board. Let’s say I have 500 jobs (the upper projected limit). A recruiter will post the job on my site. I will have an apply button. I need the recruiter’s email applied to the button so they receive the application.

I need to track the number of applicants and i also need to keep the clients email secure (not accesbile through inspect ect).

Zapier is not viable. If I have 500 jobs and have multiple applicants that’s far to many tasks, unless I pay something like $300 which is just not viable on top of all the other costs as well. Plus it is not scalable, there are too many limits on tasks, so if the jobboard ever did grow, i cannot rely on zapier.

Elfsight is not a viable option either, manually placing a separte form on each job is not viable. Plus i cant track the number of applicants. Another user on here is using elfsight with custom code but having issues.

Is there any other way or is it just not possible? (unless i pay hundreds each month), Its preventing me from continuing. I know html and css and very little js. I am just at a total loss how i can do this. Integrations have too many limits and are costly.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated, i am spending hours and hours every day trying to find a solution.


I’m not clear on your ask.

I understand that a recruiter has a job and they can post it on your site. What is the “apply button” for? Is that the button that posts it on your site? Is that a button that you’d like to have the job added to your database for you to review? Could you please explain in more detail…

Not understanding this. What application is a recruiter receiving? What do you mean when you say you “need the recruiter’s email applied to the button”?

HI, Ok. So my website will be a job board. Every job will have an apply button (basically this will be a form). The jobs posted on my website will be from different clients/recruiters looking to hire.

When a user fills out the form on the job advert and attaches their CV ect and clicks apply. I need their details to be sent to the client.

But this is not possible with webflow because we can only link one email linked to all the forms.
I need the candidate’s information to be sent directly to the recruitment team in whatever company they apply for. I also need to be able to see how many people applied. The email address needs to be secure and hidden as well.

@Made_Easy - IMHO you need an app that provides server side processing to handle the functionality you mentioned. Webflow does not provide access for you to run server side app code so it is not a fit for your requirements as presented. You may want to look at low code apps like Knack, Bubble, etc… or look to frameworks like Laravel that would allow you to build a custom app.

I feel like my dream has just been shattered. I really wanted to build it on webflow.

I will loook into bubble.


Can you require the recruitment team to sign up to your site and view this info via a personalized dashboard or is it a requirement that the job candidates info (resume) get’s emailed to the recruitment team?

There will be multiple clients. Possibly 100s. I’m not sure that would be possible. On a positive note, what I can do is use elf sight and embed a form on each job posted😀. It’s not ideal, but it’s a workaround that won’t take to long to implement. Can’t automate it.

It will be a requirement for sure. Some employers will want a user to be directed to their website so that can be done easy enough. I tried to think of other ways I could do this, but I think elf sight is the best way. It comes at an additional cost, but needs must :blush:

Yep. It’s 100% possible… if you’re willing to use Webflow with a few other add-on services.

I do this all the time with the stack: Webflow, MemberStack, Zapier, and Airtable (sometimes it’s needed, but not always).

Here’s how you can add gated content with user signups/login:

Here’s how you can create unique dashboards per user:

Here’s how you can have job candidates submit their info which you can then populate into the correct recruitment teams unique member dashboard:

…and so on and so forth. I’ve got a bunch of screencasts on my site that walk through the basics of turning Webflow (with the help of a few add-on services) into full blown Web Applications.

Easy peasy.

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Hi. This is very good know. I really appreciate this info. It looks relitvly foward to set up and use as well. This is definatly somthing I would want to implement.

Thank you very much!