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Recruitment website query, how would you customise forms for each CMS job entry?

Hi there,

I’ve recently been asked to design a recruitment website using Webflow so I’m doing a little digging into what’s possible.

This is the website my potential client has referred to having the level of functionality needed

One thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around is how to use forms on a template job page to allow candidates to apply for roles. For candidates to be able to log in and save jobs and apply later would be amazing, but I suspect this may be too tricky to do in Webflow (not to mention probably way out of budget for this client)

I’ve been playing around with the basic concept for a workshop website I’m tinkering with as practice (this is in no way finished yet so please don’t judge!) but when I test the forms, I can’t find a way to indicate what page the form was filled out on - in this instance, what workshop they are signing up for.

Here is my public share link:

Hello @MissGilly

You would be amazed of the things you can achieve with Webflow

Just insert a form inside the CMS Job template

There’s a new platform really powerful called that can help you with this creation account need plus they’re actively working on the platform and they have nice surprises around the corners in that user-content regard.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. You manually create a dropdown for the user to select what they want


  1. You can use the following code to populate the field for the workshop in this case automatically to the form:


Hope this helps. If you need any more help let me know.