Affiliate link tracking for form subbmsion/lead generation?

Does anyone know if there’s any way to set up affiliate tracking for form submissions/lead generation?

What we’d like to do is create an affiliate link that looks something like this:

And then have any form submissions that are sent on the site for lead gen be associated/tracked with this link so we can attribute it to the affiliate

Does anyone know if this is possible to do?

Yes you can.

A few decisions to make;

  1. How do you want the distributed links to look, i.e. do you want a querystring, or just a path? Either is possible. Path just requires one extra step.
  2. Do you need to track the links through to a conversion action like a button click or a form submission?
  3. At what point are you wanting to capture the tracking a the server side, and where/how will you track that for accounting purposes?

I build solutions like this for clients if you’d like help setting up the whole thing. But the basic elements aren’t complex if you have some scripting and automation knowledge.

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Hey Michael!

For the links either works preferably a path

Yes we need to track the form submission itself

I have some JQuery/Javascript skills just not sure where to start with something like this

Would you mind just breaking down the process for setting something like this up?

I’ll divide it into pieces;

Pick a page like /referral
Write a script that takes the URL querystring, e.g. ?refer=XXX and stores it is a cookie or localSession var
It then redirects to a desired page, probably, depending on your desired nav flow

Choose a referral-specific path structure, like /refer/referer01
Add a 301 redirect from that pattern to a querystring e.g. /referral/?refer=referer01

Retrieve the cookie referrer if it exists, populate a form hidden field with it

Awesome dude thank you - I was able to get this integrated on the site

Awesome, glad it worked for you Franz.