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Unique checkout link for payment


I am trying to create a cliennt experience where they just need to click on a link to pay : we are contacting clients to sell them products over the phone, and then I want to create the cart for them, and just send them the checkout link, so that they just need to pay to validate the order. The thing is that the checkout has a non unique link :, and I’d like to have something with a unique ID? so that I can share it with the client.

If you’ve already done it, thanks a lot in advance for your help !

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Looking for a solution to this as well. I’m assuming it can be done with JS, but having some issues with one of the requests not properly sending the correct payload. Payload involves GraphQL which made things a bit more difficult for me to understand. Here’s a brief on my current problem: Link Direct to Checkout w/ ATC Brief: - Google Docs