How can I change the default checkout behavior?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
This is the demo URL: Shop
when I click the checkout button I just want an opt-in form from the right panel or a redirect to contact where there will be 3 input forms name, email, and message after that when I click the purchase. I need to get the cart information So I don’t need any payment option just a redirect form and getting the cart info after submitting the form. So there are many experts here I know, So kindly help me out and give me a solution please, Thank you

the Figma URL explain everything:

Hi @Md_Mehedi_Hasan
Josh with Foxy here. We’ve been chatting via email. What you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

Our Purchase Order payment method can be customized and used for offline payments, allowing customers to checkout without having to pay.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: