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Unexpected problems

Hello everyone,
Today I have been working on a project I have in Webflow and until today everything has been going perfectly. But today unexpectedly, everything has suddenly failed.
For example I had an accordion for a few weeks and today it stopped working. At the same time, changes I made today have been undone (for example I created a page to copy and paste tests called “Trash” and I have put a password and not indexed in Google) when I logged back in to follow the project and I saw all the commotion, plus all the changes made had been deleted, the page created had no password and all the elements had been distorted.
I need help because I don’t understand where the problem is, I don’t know if I did something wrong or there was a system error.

Have you tried restoring your project to an earlier version from one of the automatically created backups?

Yes and its like corrupt file

That’s unfortunate. If there are corrupt backup files it sounds like maybe it is a system issue for tech support. I’m sure the community would be interested to hear any updates you might have regarding that. Thanks.

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