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Project Corrupts / Cant load the designer

‘Something went wrong while trying to save your site. Let us know what happened in the feedback popup.’

This happens constantly and forces me to roll back to a previous version. I usually have to revert almost 2hrs to find a working version that lets me open the designer.

No idea what triggers the version to become corrupt or if its even anything im adding, versions work and after a few CSS changes become corrupt. I always exit the designer properly and make manual save points constantly, seems to make no difference. Also recently tried to export the code - during the preparing of the zip the entire tab crashed and after that the project was corrupt again.

Anyone know why this keeps happening to my project?

See attached screenshot for console errors.

Email support directly for this one. They will be able to go into your account and troubleshoot this for you.

This is very concerning to see @axispec can you please send us more information about your project and account so that we can get this resolved ASAP?

Thanks in advance!

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