Underlines beneath links in navigation?

Hi guys,

Site link is here https://preview.webflow.com/preview/uxg1?preview=c77b012461a1134144b0d08debea6b69

I’m struggling with removing this blue line from underneath my menu items that pop out of the nav bar, cannot figure out where it’s come from in order to disable it. There’s no decoration set to the text at all.

If anyone could help that’d be great!


Hi @ben_UXG,

You’re on the right path, just not on the right vehicle :slight_smile:

Select the “NavLink”
and then choose to remove the underline :slight_smile:

You removed it on the Heading, but the Link will override anything…
It had the underline on, so it would always override the changes you made on the Heading :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it made sense! :smiley:


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