Can't get rid of blog posts have blue underline?

My blog posts are responsive and I don’t have the underline function to the heading font… however each is displayed with a blue link underline. How do I get rid of this?

Here is my site Read-Only:Webflow - GEORGIA DALY FITNESS

Hey Emma,

This is happening because your All links tag is set to have an Underline decoration. To remove this, simply select the element, then click on the button in the Style panel that says ‘Inheriting x selectors’ (next to the Classes field). From there, select All links and then remove the Underline from the Decoration settings in the Typography style section :smiling_face:

Like this:


Edit: Here’s a high-res link to the third screenshot if you need it - kind of hard to make out with the embed in my comment, sorry!

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Sorted! Thanks for your help!

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Not a problem! So glad I could help you get it sorted :pray: