How to remove blue hyperlink formatting

I’m having issues with blue underlined formatting overriding my text formatting for text links.

It looks like this):

This is from my profile template page.

Can anyone help? Am sure it’s something blindingly obvious!

Here’s the share link (don’t laugh, I’m using pictures of myself in the test version!):


You can remove the underline on «All links».
For further styling of the text (type & colors) I would style the «video profile description» otherwise you will style all of your links. Hope this helps :smile:

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Select the element, go up in the hierarchy until you’re on the link block, set to no underline in Typography.


Thank you both for the speedy responses! Both ways worked. :smile:

Thanks again!

As long as there’s a class on the link block, you’re safe to remove it from there, without affecting all links.


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