Unable to submit form

Hi Folks,
I am new to Webflow. I’ve created my first site and have added a newsletter email subscription form on the Home page. However, whenever I try to submit any email id it throws an error. Any help is really appreciated. TIA.
Here is the read only link

I don’t see anything wrong at your end, but you’re getting a 500 Internal Server Error error from Webflow on the POST.

Looks like a server error, so you’ll need to contact support.

I have a basic version of the webflow. Does that have limitation on the # of forms I can use in the website?

Basic. do you mean free, unhosted site?
No limit to the number of forms, but you have a 50 submissions per month limit.
I’d expect a better error, but if you’ve gone over that, it’s possible you’d get the 500 error then.

No. Basic I mean the one with $18/month fee plan which doesn’t have any CMS. Number of submissions is in single digit

If you’re hosted you should never get a form submission rejected.
Even if you hit your maximum, you’d get charged an overage of something like $0.01 per submission.

The CMS is irrelevant here.

What did support say?