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Form not submitting

Website is:

Form looks like it stopped submitting on 9/12. Last successful submission was 9/11 and we generally get several a day.

Any ideas?

Anybody? No Webflow staff on the weekend? lol

Hi @Cricitem, thanks for your post. Normally Webflow support is open from 6am-6pm monday through friday. See our statement of support here:

I took a look at the site and it seems there may be some custom code that is having some errors, which may be affecting to the form submission, see here:

I would first remove the custom code or correct the custom code and then republish and check if the form submission continues to not submit.

If the issue persists, let me know so that I may take a look further.

Hey guy. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

I believe that error is specific to your visit, related to the Facebook embed. I show no error at all unless I attempt to submit the form.


I think I’ve figured out what’s going on, and if I’m right I am going to lose my mind.

The form submission limit on the “enhanced staging” tier seems to have been set exactly at 50, without way to increase it, WITHOUT A WORD BEING SAID ABOUT IT.

This site received 79 form submissions in August without a problem.
This site received 80 form submissions in July without a problem.
This site received 108 form submissions in June without a problem.

Then, with no notice whatsoever, the limit appears to have been set to a HARD 50, which I can only find by going into the forms tab and scrolling down, reading every single line, only to find this:

Is this a joke? I’ve asked before why Webflow is so ridiculously bent on FORCING PEOPLE onto second-rate, overpriced hosting which lacks ridiculously obvious features. I’m assured over and over again that this is not the case. Before, the limit on form submissions sure seems to have been much higher (I was billed no extra on the previous months when that form alone went WAY over 50) AND if you went over, you just got billed for the overage. Now, apparently, the limit is 50 and that’s simply it? You can’t just pay for additional form submissions? Who decided this would be a great policy decision to make with no announcement whatsoever?

I am officially, albeit unhappily, looking for Webflow alternatives.


Hi @cricitem, thanks for getting back in touch. The free plan limit for form submissions is 50 form submissions, it has always been 50 submissions, that has not changed:

There have been some recent changes to forms and one of those changes was to fix the limits as it was possible for sites with enhanced staging only to submit more than 50 items and it should have been limited to 50.

To get more submissions would require a paid hosting subscription, you can get more forms submissions:

Basic Hosting: 500 submissions
CMS Hosting: 1000 submissions
Business CMS Hosting: Unlimited form submissions

Alternatively, you can also use your own forms service, see here:

Those methods can also be used on sites hosted in Webflow, i.e. Mailchimp can be used with sites with enhanced staging.

Got it. People were accidentally able to use features of Webflow that they are paying for (form design) without being exorbitantly overcharged for hosting.

I understand why fixing that was a priority.

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Facing same issue, any proper solution?

Check your forms tab on the project settings and see how many submissions you’ve gotten. If you’re at 50/50, you have no choice but to add hosting. I tried going a couple other routes and the headaches were just not worth it.

Same issue this side, while for my friends it is working fine. Not getting any way out.


The 50/50 has been in documentation for as long as I can remember. I can definitely understand the frustration, but I mean if they are fixing bugs that don’t match documentation that makes perfect sense.

Maybe a suggestion would be improving notification around max form usage?

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